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Coombefield Vet Hospital

We are a dedicated small animal veterinary practice with branches in Axminster and Seaton

We are a dedicated small animal veterinary practice in Axminster with a small branch in Seaton

Run by friendly small animal vets who care about you and your pets. We are all pet owners ourselves and know what its like to have your furry (or scaly) friends as part of the family. It can be stressful for everyone when your pet is under the weather, and that is why our goal is to always offer the very best treatment to your pet to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible.

We are now proud sponsors of Yellow Dog UK. A yellow ribbon or some other yellow indicator on a dogs leash means 'this dog needs space'.

There are many reasons a dog may need space. They could be:

  • A pup in training
  • In season
  • Unwell
  • Old and grumpy
  • Post-op
  • Nervous

Please maintain a respectful distance or give this dog and their owner time to move out of your way.