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Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month - May 2019
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Nurse consults at Seaton

We have increased our nurse consult times at our Seaton practice. They are run by Emelie Real RVN.

Mondays 1 - 2.30pm and Wednesday 11am - 4pm

Nurse consults include:

Nail clipping, tick removal, adminster medication, flea and worm checks, apply flea and worm treatment, express anal glands, ear cleaning, routine post-operative checks, removal of sutures or staples, dressing or bandage changes, adminster 2nd vacc (if 1st vacc was administered at Coombefield) and implant microchips.

Consultation by appointment only. Please call 01297 24896 to book your appointment.



Exciting news

In other exciting news

Chris, one of our vets at Coombefield, is running the London Marathon on the 28th April! He is running for St Raphael’s Hospice, a charity that is local to where his family is from in South London. He is running for them as he has come to appreciate the amazing work they do, with such care and kindness, after the support the hospice has given his family in the past.

Chris is now getting into the long runs and clocking up the miles, so if you see him out running with Polly, his dog, give them a shout!

If you would like to give a donation as well, then have a look at his JustGiving page or pop into the practice, all donations really gratefully received and will help keep him going!



Puppy Preschool

Coombefield is very excited to announce that we are running Puppy Preschool by Rachael James, Paw by Paw South West in Axminster. For more information or to book your puppy a place, please call 01297 630500


Offers and Deals throughout February

The offers and deals we have throughout February: Pet Dental Health Month

* A free dental consult by Kara Jennings RVN (Axminster) and Emelie Real RVN (Seaton), they will check your pet's teeth and give advice on dental care.

* A reduced consultation fee (£22.50 instead of £36), if Kara or Emelie refers your pet to a veterinary surgeon.

* 10% off all dental products.

* If you join our Pet Health Club, you will also receive 10% off dental treatment and 25% off any dental diet.

Please call 01297 630500 (Axminster) or 01297 24896 (Seaton) to make an appointment for your pet's teeth to be checked for free or to discuss our Pet Health Club.



February: Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Kara Jennings RVN (Axminster) and Emelie Real RVN (Seaton) run (free of charge) dental clinics and they take approximately 15-20 minutes.

They include:
• Examination of your pet’s teeth (you may be referred to a vet if Kara or Emelie find anything concerning)
• A discussion of preventative care
• A demonstration of tooth brushing

It is never too late to start with good dental care for your pet, but it is definitely recommended to all puppies, as it is easier to get them used to it and then they can start daily brushing as soon as they have all their adult teeth.

Please call 01297 630500 to make an appointment with Kara or Emelie.




Patient report: Tigs

Click on the link to see James Pattison's recent orthopaedic surgery.



Christmas opening hours




Tuesday 4th December 5pm - Our phone line is currently down. Our temporary line for EMERGENCIES is 07999 459439. Apologies for the inconvenience, we are working on the problem.


Coombefield Winter 2018 Newsletter

Articles in this newsletter include

  • Caring for your garden Birds
  • Winter aches and pains
  • Lungworm worries
  • Make plans to avoid Chriistmas calamities
  • Winter weight Worries


How will BREXIT affect me if I want to travel abroad with my pet ? Click here for the article.

This is the best advice we can give you at the moment


Coombefield Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Articles in this newsletter include

  • Troublesome Ticks and their diseases
  • Fireworks
  • Anal Gland issues
  • Rabbits
  • Autumn Alert
  • Alabama Rot

Coombefield Summer 2018 Newsletter

Articles in this issue include

  • Parasites - it's that time of year again
  • why vaccinations are important
  • Recognising dental issues
  • Heart Problems in your pet


First Aid Evening At Coombefield Vets - 17th April 2018 at 7pm

Donna Mace RVN is hosting an evening for those who wish to know a little more about 1st aid for dogs  The cost of the evening lecture  is £25 (10% discount for groups of 4 +) there will be cake.


Alabama Rot client information

There is a suspected case of Alabama Rot in our area - It is important not to panic and we feel the best way of doing this is to supply you with all the information you need. If you need/want to know more then we have created an information sheet with help from the vet referral centre that is undertaking the research on this. If you want to read this and find out more then please follow this link ........[more]


Coombefield Spring 2018 Newsletter

Articles in this newsletter include

  • Don't get hacked off with Kennel Cough
  • Gorgeous guinea pigs !
  • Lumps, bumps and thyroids

Coombefield Winter 2017 Newsletter

Articles in this news letter include

  • Worming worries
  • Pets on tour - Passports
  • Eye Problems
  • The cold and older pets

Coombefield Autum 2017 Newsletter

Articles in this news letter include

  • Arthritis Alert - is your pet affected
  • Fireworks - do they put your pet in a Fizz
  • Why you should be insured
  • Ear Problems


Coombefield Summer 2017 Newsletter

Articles in this news letter include
  • Summer itches - Paracite or allergy
  • Balls not sticks
  • Hot weather and how to cope
  • Dental Problems


Coombefield Spring 2017 Newsletter

Articles in this news letter include

  • Keeping your pet in shape
  • What is Babesios
  • Caring for an older cat
  • Rabbit's teeth

Follow this link for .....[more]

How do you become a Vet?

Ever wondered what you have to do to become a vet? Bristol Vet School is having a day where you can find out!  on 11th and 12 March at the vet school in Langford, Bristol they are hosting a day of talks and workshops for those interested in a veterinary career
Primarily aimed at school years 11 and 12
The day will start with a talk on admissions criteria for delegates and their parents/ carers followed by a parents’/ carers tour. for full info please click on the link....... [here]



There is a lot of press about bird flu in the uk - the facts and figures are interesting to read and are alarming but here is the information you need to....1. Keep your birds as safe as possible. 2. reduce the spread of infection. 3. How to recognise the signs. If you think you have a case ........ [read more]



Coombefield Vets winter 2016 newsletter

Articles in this news letter include

  • Avoiding Christmas Calamities
  • Fleas - in Winter! Really?
  • Guinea Pigs are Great !
  • Winter aches and pains

Follow this link for [more.....]


We are running a photo competition - the title is "your animals" and there are two catagories in which you can enter to win 2 free tickets to the Honiton Show on Thursday 4th August .....[more]


Claws for thought

We always have a regular stream of people bringing their pets in for nail clipping.   Sometimes the owner has tried to do this at home and it has gone wrong – too much of the nail has been clipped back and there is bleeding – so the owner then hurries to the practice justifiably worried and full of remorse.  I hope to explain below how to do it properly to try to avoid any problems. If you are in the slightest bit worried about doing it or not sure if nails need clipping go to your vets and ask to see a nurse, as they will happily let you know if they need clipping and show you how to do it....... [more]


There has been recent press coverage of a disease called Canine Babesiosis.
I am sure all dog owners will be worried about this so here are some facts that you need to know:-.........[more]

Bluetongue- the latest update

It is nearly 10 years since, in the summer of 2006, bluetongue virus appeared in northern Europe,
resulting in more than 2000 cases of bluetongue in that year alone. Its arrival was unexpected, and
no one knows where it came from. Bluetongue did not take off in the UK to anything like the extent
that it did elsewhere in Europe, which was possibly attributed to the success of a vaccination
programme. Nevertheless, it proved costly and disruptive. France reported an outbreak of
bluetongue in September last year - the first known cases in the EU since 2011. There have now been
more than 170 outbreaks in the country.....[More]

First Aid Evening At Coombefield Vets - 1st March 2016 at 6:30 pm

Donna Mace RVN is hosting an evening for clients who want to know a little about what 1st aid they can do on their dog in an emergency and how to do it. The cost of the evening lecture is £5 for clients with animals registered with us (£7.50 for visitors that are not clients) ... [More]

What happens when you leave your pet at the Vet?

Having worked in a vet practice for about 10 years now I have a vague idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Sadly clients hear words like routine surgery – We often forget (because it is what the practice does) that surgery to the client is NOT routine! This may be the first time they have had a pet and so are have genuine concerns about what actually happens. Most of our clients at some time or another will bring their pet to us for a surgical procedure (most commonly neutering) but few have any understanding of what happens to their beloved pet when they leave. I have found this lack of understanding by the client and failure to impart the relevant information by us can lead to anxiety and worry for the owner as they wait for the telephone call saying their pet is awake and recovering from its anaesthetic. I thought, therefore, it would beuseful to explain what happens ... [more]

When is it time to say "Goodbye"?

There was a consultation the other day, here at Coombefield Veterinary Hospital with a client that we hadn’t seen for some time, and when we checked the records it was clear that we had not seen them since their pet was a puppy. Honestly, this is how we wish it was the entire time - healthy puppy enjoying a good life, and a few visits to the vet at the end. There are thousands of books on what to do with a new pet, how to train them, how to cope with them, how to choose them, and many of them are useful tools. However, there is very little written about what happens at the other end of the timeline ... [more]


Feline Vaccination Amnesty

There has been a recent case of Feline Infectious Enteritis, a highly infectious and often fatal disease, in two local kittens.  Vet Beccy Skellern said “Prevention is always better than cure, particularly with such an infectious disease in the local area, Coombefield vets are running a 3 month campaign giving cat owners the chance to get their cat vaccinations started for just the price of a booster. The cats most at risk are aged under 4 years old but we are extending the amnesty to ALL unvaccinated cats or cats that have not been vaccinated in the last 14 months” ... [More]


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