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There has been a recent case of Feline Infectious Enteritis, a highly infectious and often fatal disease, in two local kittens.  Vet Beccy Skellern said “Prevention is always better than cure, particularly with such an infectious disease in the local area, Coombefield vets are running a 3 month campaign giving cat owners the chance to get their cat vaccinations started for just the price of a booster. The cats most at risk are aged under 4 years old but we are extending the amnesty to ALL unvaccinated cats or cats that have not been vaccinated in the last 14 months” 

Feline Infectious Enteritis

This disease, that killed the two cats was Feline Infectious Enteritis or panleukopaenia. Infection typically causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea, and is often fatal, particularly in young kittens.  Treatment of affected cats is difficult and often unsuccessful.  Infection of pregnant cats can result in the birth of kittens with permanent neurological problems.  The virus which causes the disease is able to survive for long periods of time, and can be transmitted on contaminated food bowls, shoes, clothing, pretty much anything really - so even indoor cats which don’t have direct contact with other cats are potentially at risk.

Why vaccinate your cat?

Cats of all ages can and do become seriously ill or die from infectious diseases that could have been prevented through vaccination.  Vaccination offers the most effective way of protecting your cat against many of the most serious infectious diseases, including Cat flu, Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Leukaemia Virus and Chlamydophila.  Many of these diseases are commonly reported in the UK, and they represent a potentially significant threat to your pet’s health.

Tim Lawrence, senior partner at CVH said “The reason we are letting people know is because as practicing vets we haven’t seen a case like this for more than 30 years and that worries us that it is in the area and it is a killer.” While most diseases need to be transmitted through direct contact some of the viruses which cause disease can also survive in the outside environment. This means that your cat does not always need to come into contact with other cats to get sick, so vaccination is important for all cats, even those which live mainly indoors.

     If you would like to have your cat vaccinated please call us on 01297 630500 to arrange an appointment and receive the discounted offer.


  Photo: Today is the start of a month long campaign to advertise the importance of oral care in cats. Please book a FREE appointment for your cat with our clinic nurse Mel. Contact the Axminster hospital on 01297 630500 to book your appointment and discuss preventative measure to protect your feline friend from this often painful disease.                                   

We are starting a month long campaign to advertise the importance of oral care in cats. Please book a FREE appointment for your cat with our clinic nurse Mel. Contact the Axminster hospital on 01297 630500 to book your appointment and discuss preventative measure to protect your feline friend from this often painful disease.


We are in the process of developing our pet health club for your cats and dogs. The idea of the plan is to cover all of your pets basic healthcare needs at a discount and spread the costs over the year. We would find your input invaluable.

If you are interested in joining the focus group please email with your details. Thank you.

We are now proud sponsors of Yellow Dog UK.

A yellow ribbon or some other yellow indicator on a dogs leash means THIS DOG NEEDS SPACE.

There are many reasons a dog may need space: pup in training, in season, unwell, old and grumpy, post-op, nervous.

For more information please visit


We are offering  FREE MICROCHIPPING for all dogs!

Contact our reception team on 01297 630500 to book your appointment now.
Please see for more details.


In the first few months of this year many of you will have been aware of the dreadful flooding in Somerset. Our new Practice Manager Stuart Saunders  was involved in helping the people affected by the flooding where he lives. As a result of the flooding a charity was set up called FLAG which he is involved with. He was very moved by the help they received from people all over the world.

You are also probably aware that there is terrible flooding in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia where over 120 people have died and 1,000,000 have had to leave their homes.The situation is fairly dangerous as the flooding has removed all the notices of where landmines are and also the flooding has exposed more. The Serbian and Bosnian governments have been in contact with the FLAG charity and asked them to get involved. Stuart was impressed by the help that came from outside his community and has committed to returning the favour. He will be part of the initial wave of supporters to go out and assist. On Sunday He is flying to Serbia (Belgrade) to go and assist there as the rivers are about to break their banks. He may have to go to Bosnia but it is all a bit up in the air at the moment. The initial 3 parties (8/10 people) have free flights kindly donated by wizz air- Stuart is heading up one of the teams.

The charity still desperately needs money so we can get other volunteers out there as there will not be enough free flights or accommodation for the 2nd and 3rd  waves. When his community called for help it came and some of it from Devon- now someone else is calling for help, please help Stuart return the favour. Any donations you can make would make a real difference. if you can make a donation please contact
Thank you


A fantastic day was had by all at Cotley Point to Point this weekend. We at Coombefield are very proud of Tessa Porter for entering and winning the Camel Race between neighboring practices.For further information please click the link.There is now a video of Tessa's victorious race on our Facebook page.

Informative image: Tessa Porter on CamelInformative image: Our Equine Vets

Informative image: Keep calm im a vet nurse

Please click here for further information


If you would like to help the farmers hit by recent flooding we have placed a few links below


Farmers community network

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